Eat Real Food.



Green City Smoothies has a fierce commitment to health and ethics. We thrive every day to create beautiful, healthy, plant based smoothies and snacks in an effort to challenge mainstream diets.


Premium Quality Superfoods

We pride ourselves on packing all of our items with nutritious superfoods that will keep you smiling and satisfied with every sip and bite!

Our menu is 100 percent derived from plants, with ingredients that are minimally processed (if at all).

We have designed our menu to offer you the best seasonal fruits and vegtables, so you can guarantee that your food will be fresh and delicious. We also partner with local businesses for most of our ingredients used here at GCS, so when you purcahse from us - you are also supporting the local Portland community.


Plant Based Nutrition


Meet Taylor Lutz

Taylor Lutz is a passionate, a creative, a health and wellness fanatic, and entrepreneur. Taylor has worked as an interior designer for the past 3 years. While working in the sustainable design industry, she was laid off from her job - which ended up being a blessing in disguise. During this shift in careers, Taylor was inspired to try a plant based diet. After realizing how this diet benefited her, the earth, and her community in so many ways, she began to understand that she had a bigger purpose; she wanted to inform other about the benefits of this healthy lifestyle, and provide the community an easy and affordable way to explore the benefits of veganism. Her goal with Green City Smoothies is to show the world that vegan food is not only healthy, but also delicious. Taylor is now able to fulfill her passion of sustainability by reducing her, and her customers carbon footprints significantly. Taylor is currently in the process of receiving her certification in plant based nutrition, and has opened Green City Smoothies Food Cart full time. To learn more about Taylor, and Green City Smoothies - follow her on instagram @greencitysmoothies.



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We Offer Gift Cards!

Perfect for the holidays, or just a gift for a friend or family member - our gift cards make it easy to surprise someone you love with a healthy, sustainable gift.